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Awaken your creativity Program

Awaken your creativity, ignite your inner fire, rise from the ashes: Intuitive mentoring and healing, 3 months 1:1 transformational program

Private Intuitive session

Private session will be designed according to the request or question you have (working with emotional blocks, limiting beliefs, clarity in directions, soulful desires)

Sacred Geometry Course

Delve into the magic of sacred geometry. Connect to your creativity and true self.


'I highly recommend the Sacred Geometry courses with Veronika Pereseina. I initially thought i would be learning about geometry from a mathematical and aesthetic perspective, but in the end I realised it was less about that and more about using sacred geometry as a means to process deep emotional stress and other types of unhelpful energy and karma. The idea of "feeling" into emotion through creativity was a major breakthrough, and the whole course really was a profound catharsis, shifting and clearing so much that i hadn't realised was even there, let alone that it needed clearing. Veronika held the energetic space with a nurturing kindness combined with an adept professionalism which was just amazing and perfect to set the stage for some serious healing and progress.'



'The Akashic records reading I had with Veronika couldn’t have come at a better time. She really helped me to gain clarity into some of the things that I have been processing and healing and I left the session feeling much lighter, happier and more aware. Veronika has a wonderful grounding healing energy about her and is a pleasure to work with. Thank you!'


Women Coach

'I had the good fortune of getting a reading from the Akashic Records done by Veronika and the experience resonated deeply within my soul. The calming meditation she conducted before opening the records and reading it, really grounded me and made me let go of a lot of worldly weight that I have been carrying. In a peaceful frame of mind I found it easier to open up and share my core thoughts and feelings with her that guided her to give me much needed answers and divine direction. The things she told me, my mind was much yearning to hear and I felt i needed this reminder to help me de clutter and untangle a lot of ifs and buts in my life . I am grateful to Veronika for taking this time out and doing this for me. Thank you Veronika! Sending love and light to you.'



Improve Your Life

Creativity awakening, inner child healing, feminine awakening, feminine and masculine balance

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